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K-12 High Speed WANs

High Speed Wide Area Networks for Schools

erate telecommunications services providerConterra specializes in bringing unique solutions to complex telecommunications projects in geographical areas where it is technologically and economically challenging to deliver all-Fiber-Optical networks. We integrate new or existing fiber with FCC Licensed Common Carrier Microwave links (Part 101 frequencies; 6, 11, 18 and 23 Ghz) to provide ubiquitous wide area broadband services.

Conterra is a national provider of broadband services for K-12 consortia, school districts and libraries that require bandwidth intensive, carrier-grade data, video and voice transport services. Conterra and its subsidiaries currently provide these services to over 1,100 locations throughout the United States, affording broadband services to more than one million students, teachers, administrators and others.

Conterra offers complete, turnkey, managed wide area network, Internet access and hosted VoIP services that include; the network design, all permitting/licensing services, deployment of all required infrastructure, on-going operations and maintenance support.

Conterra is a Priority One E-Rate Eligible Telecommunications Provider (ETP) as defined by the Federal Communications Commission and the Schools and Libraries Division of USAC and is qualified as a Priority One Provider of telecom services for participating schools’ E-Rate funding.  Our California subsidiary is eligible under the California Teleconnect Fund.

Our SPIN is 143025700. The SPIN for our California subsidiary is 143032050.

Benefits of Conterra’s Broadband Service:

  • High Capacity Optical Fiber, FCC Licensed Microwave or Hybrid Networks
  • Carrier-Class Efficacy – Virtually No Latency
  • Rapid Network Deployments
  • Professionally Engineered, Installed and Managed
  • Network Scalability from 10Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Flexible Network and Topology Configurations
  • Multiple User Interfaces – Fast Ethernet, Gig-Ethernet, OC-n
  • Conterra Network Operation Center and Support Available 24x7x365
  • Commercial Service Level Agreements

K-12 WAN solution


school high speed networks

Conterra serves over 1,000 schools and one million students and teachers with fiber quality networks