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Bayou Powersports Improves Service While Lowering Cost

When northeast Louisiana’s premiere powersports destination struggled with their business internet service, they turned to Conterra Networks for a new solution. Our local sales team was happy to jump in and help. They listened carefully to the general manager and learned exactly how the dealership’s internet connection was failing them, which made it easy to recommend the right customized solution to suit their needs.

Problem 1: Internet speeds were just too slow

Bayou Powersports’ previous internet speeds were insufficient for the needs of a business of their size. With just 50Mb up and 10Mb down, they simply didn’t have the bandwidth to support the systems they had in place. Conterra recommended a FLEX 500/250 fiber service line, which immediately increased Bayou Powersports’ download speed tenfold and increased uploads by an incredible 25x.

Problem 2: They wanted to keep their analog phone system

While the company’s previous internet connection was too slow, the dealership had somewhat recently invested into a brand-new analog phone system that they liked and wanted to keep. Not a problem. Our local service team set up an analog handoff which allowed Bayou Powersports’ current phone system to work flawlessly on our flex fiber solution.

Problem 3: The old service provider was too expensive

In addition to being unhappy with the quality and the reliability of their old service, management at Bayou Powersports thought they might be paying too much for their internet connection.

The Conterra sales rep assigned to their account was able to go above and beyond for their client, cutting their bill almost in half while drastically improving their service.

Problem 4: They had poor experiences with the previous provider’s customer service team

Fixing Bayou Powersports’ frustrations over customer service concerns was easy. Conterra provides industry-leading local service, both from the boots on the ground, and at the NOC (Network Operations Center) available 24x7x365.

Results Success

Bayou Powersports has been very happy with their FLEX 500/250 fiber internet solution and even happier with the high level of personal service they have received since making the switch to Conterra Networks.

What’s next for Bayou Powersports?

While the company is currently happy with their analog phone system running off our 100% fiber optic network, there’s been talk about eventually upgrading to VoIP (Voice over IP). Conterra’s cloud-based voice platform helps businesses be even more efficient, with leading-edge VoIP services and solutions.

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Red Lion Area School District Case Study


Red Lion Area School District, located in Southern York County Pennsylvania, is focused on ensuring its students thrive in the 21st century. The school district, which is comprised of 7 elementary schools, a junior high and a comprehensive high school, is so passionate about leveraging the power of technology that it has implemented a “Bring Your Own Technology” policy, which enables students to bring their personal communication and computing devices to school.

Given the limited connectivity options available in this region, the school district was financially limited to accept less than optimal networking solutions. Their wide area network was a combination of DSL, internal optical fiber, leased optical fiber, and a few high capacity, microwave radio links. The challenge for the school district was that at any given time, the number of users on personal devices could double; so, it needed a network capable of scaling to support this peak demand. Red Lion came to the conclusion that it needed more than just a network upgrade; it needed a comprehensive plan that addressed all of its locations. That is when it turned to Conterra Broadband Services for a comprehensive solution.


After conducting an RFP process, the Red Lion Area School District selected Conterra Broadband Services. Conterra implemented a hybrid, wide area network that incorporates the best aspects of fiber and microwave to provide a comprehensive solution that is scalable, reliable and cost effective. Now, many of the schools in the district have a gigabit of bandwidth (1000 Mbps) dedicated to it. Prior to deployment of this new network, the maximum amount of bandwidth the district had at any of its locations was 50 Mbps. That dramatic increase in bandwidth ensures that it has implemented a solution that not only meets its needs today but well into the future. All of this was accomplished for a cost that realized thousands of dollars in savings every year when compared to its former provider’s contract.


The school district is already seeing the benefits of this new network. The amount of bandwidth available at each school has increased dramatically. The district is now confident that it will be able to seamlessly support the bandwidth demands of Social Media, Web 2.0 and cloud-based educational applications—not to mention potential security needs and applications. This fiber-based network opens up a wide selection of educational content and programs that were previously unavailable.

Having worked with Conterra for years, the school district was confident that the service provider would deliver on its promises and implement a network that would have the high level of quality necessary to support its students, teachers and administrative staff.

This network was eligible for funding under the E-Rate program. This federal program provides substantial cost subsidies to assist most schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.

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