Voice Services Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to frequently asked questions about your voice services from Conterra. Most of your voice service features are managed through the Subscriber Portal. If your question is not addressed below, the Subscriber Reference Guide provides detailed instructions for managing features and accessing Subscriber Portal. The Guide is available here. Note that not all features are available on all plans.

Subscriber Portal

I have lost my Subscriber Portal login password.

Go to mydigitalservices.com and click on the Forgot Password link. Enter your user name which is your subscribed phone number. If your account has been set up with a recovery email, you will receive your password via email. You can also contact your company’s designated administrator for assistance.

What is the link to the Subscriber Portal?


How do I check my voicemail?

You can check your voicemail by telephone, email or via the Subscriber Portal. By telephone, dial *98 to get to your mailbox, enter your passcode and press the # key. To check voicemail via your email, just enable the Voicemail to email feature in the Subscriber Portal. You can also listen to your messages by clicking the Message tab in the Subscriber Portal.

I have lost my voicemail pin

You will need to reset your voicemail pin. Log onto the Subscriber Portal, navigate to the setting page and follow the reset voicemail pin instructions.

What is the maximum capacity of my voicemail box?

Your voicemail box holds up to a total of 30-minutes total message time. When full, callers will receive a full voicemail box message.

Smart Phone and Desktop Apps

What are the Apps for my service?

The UC-One A unified communications (UC) app that offers instant messaging, video conferencing, call control, click-to-dial, presence, messaging and softphone functionality and is included with each Smart Number service.

Mobility Complete adds multi-video conferencing, desktop sharing and your own personal meet-me audio bridge. This is an optional add-on service for Professional, Executive and Smart Number seats.

Apps are available for download in the Subscriber Portal for Apple IOS, Android, PC and Mac.


How do I add or remove a line to an existing hunting group?

Numbers can be added or removed within the Subscriber Portal. These options can be found under the Hunting tab. Note that Hunting is a group feature that will require administrative access.


How do I change the auto attendant feature for a holiday or a change in business hours?

Schedules are managed in the Time Schedule feature which is a group feature managed by your administrator. This group feature is accessible via the Subscriber Portal under the Group tab.

Greetings and Announcements

Can I have professionally recorded greetings for my announcement?

Yes, you can. The recorded greeting for an automated attendant can be up to 5 minutes in duration.  The technical requirements are: 1) The source file must be a WAV file, and 2) CCITT u-Law or A-Law, 8 kHz sampling rate, 8-bit Mono format. Once the file has been created, it can be uploaded to the Subscriber Portal.


I am having trouble faxing.

Refer to your fax machine’s user guide to optimize its settings.
1. Turn off Error Correction Mode (ECM)
2. Adjust Fax Speed to the lowest setting
3. Set Resolution to the lowest setting (usually marked Standard or Normal)
4. Disable Color setting
5. Turn off Distinctive Ring