Daryl A. Deshotel

Daryl A. Deshotel — EVP Fiber Strategy & Development
(President/Founder, Detel)

Daryl Deshotel has over 16 years of experience in the telecommunications and business management industry. His telecom career began when, in 1999, he opened his first technology company known as DETEL Computer Solutions. DETEL has grown to be one of the leading technology providers in the state of Louisiana. DETEL was a pioneer in deploying the first wireless area network (WAN) in education in the State of Louisiana. In January 2012, Daryl was featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report and recognized under the executive spotlight for the rapid growth in his technology business. He has two personal interests in life —  one is helping people and the other is technology —  and DETEL allowed him to fulfill both interests using one vehicle. He was able to work and grow in a field that is interesting and always evolving, and uncover innovative concepts on how technology can improve the lives of others.

Daryl and DETEL co-founder Keith Fontenot had a passion for technology, and their journey began shortly after graduating from LSU when, in 1999, DETEL Computer Solutions was born. After long hours of making their business a success and closely working with many school districts across the state, they realized how desperately schools needed better and faster Internet access. With this in mind, the two young men incorporated DETEL Wireless in 2002, another huge success. DETEL earned the Governors Technology Award for the Rising Star of the Year in 2005, for its quick success and development. Then sadly, in 2010, Mr. Fontenot passed away unexpectedly leaving Daryl to continue alone.

In 2014 DETEL partnered with Conterra to begin providing additional services to small businesses and enterprise solutions in several states throughout the South. Daryl, a graduate of LSU, Baton Rouge received his bachelor of science in construction engineering. He resides with his wife and children in his Central Louisiana hometown of Hessmer. He enjoys hunting, fishing, vacationing with his family and flying in his private plane to interesting places all over the country.

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