Dark Fiber Network Solutions

We provide the fiber infrastructure you need to take control of your network. Customers enjoy ultimate flexibility in bandwidth, SLAs, equipment, and management levels. Bring your own equipment (BYOE) and choose from dark fiber rings, point to point, point-to-multipoint, and even wavelength division multiplexing configurations.

With Conterra Networks’ Dark Fiber, expect high performance networking with secure and dedicated connections at superfast speeds.

Is Conterra’s Dark Fiber right for my needs?

Many of our customers represent industries that are increasingly adopting dark fiber—industries with multiple buildings and locations to connect including education, healthcare, enterprise and carrier. If you have high bandwidth needs where security, scalability and control are concerns, then you may be interested in dark fiber to fill those requirements.

What makes Conterra exceptional is our three decades of knowledge in the industry and our teams of hands-on, on-the-ground experts. They not only get to know your project, but truly care about you and your customers—experienced network professionals you can trust to provide best-in-class infrastructure without hassles.

dark fiber network solutions

We are highly experienced in delivering carrier-grade networks—from dark to fully managed—for the carrier industry.

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What features and benefits can I expect?

Our Dark Fiber networks allow for maximum flexibility, security and control by dedicating fiber strands for your applications. Our deep networking experience in designing, building, and managing advanced networks ensure you have the optimal solution at the level of management that’s right for you.

  • Benefit from maximum network scalability and flexibility by providing and maintaining your own equipment
  • Dedicated strands of fiber provide unparalleled security
  • You have direct operational control of your network
  • Ability to replace equipment as technology advances, so your network is never outdated