Our 2016 performance speaks for itself. Let us provide you limitless communications with limitless performance!

Network Availability: 99.995%                 Mean Time to Repair: 3.55 hours

  • We have partnered with industry-leading experts

LB Networks — Ocular IP Portal provides real-time, end-to-end circuit visibility.  It’s the most intuitive, integrative and comprehensive customer reporting portal solution in the industry.

Utilis — Industry leaders in outside plant engineering, combining the latest technological advancements in the area of data collection and production CAD software, that delivers in half the time of the traditional method of utilities engineering.

  • Engineered with decades of broadband network experience so your network performs at its absolute best.
  • Production facility and field testing before equipment is placed in service to ensure quality.
  • Quality assurance program during installation minimizes site visits.

We never sleep — so you can.

  • Proactive monitoring: We roll a truck at the first sign of a network issue, regardless of its source.
  • 24/7/365 NOC in-house to ensure adherence to rigorous quality standards.
  • Field technicians in all markets to ensure rapid issue resolution.

Contact our support team at 800-634-1374.