Rural Texas Students to Receive Federally Backed Broadband Services from Conterra

February 25, 2009; Charlotte, NC– Conterra Telecom Services, a national broadband services company specializing in rural areas, has been awarded a seven year contract to provide high-quality, high-speed wireless wide area network services to the” NetXV Consortium,” a collaborative technology initiative among Texas Region 15 Educational Service Center (ESC-XV) members.

Conterra will deploy a state-of-the-art microwave radio based, Ethernet network covering much of the ESC-15 region and will provide services to replace NetXV Consortium’s current lower bandwidth Video Conferencing and Distance Learning network. Conterra’s wide area broadband network will provide fiber optic quality Internet voice, video and data services to 43 of ESC XV’s member districts. The contract was awarded to Conterra through the federal E-Rate program which subsidizes a large portion of the consortium member’s costs of the new broadband services. The NetXV Consortium membership consists of mostly small, remote school districts that are disbursed across a massive land area of some 25,000 square miles. Ubiquitous high-quality, high-speed broadband services are virtually non-existent across these rural parts of ESC XV; but this is about to change.

Conterra’s intelligent broadband networks support the convergence of integrated data, video and voice services on a single circuit which provides for a single source of telecommunication transport services and performance accountability. The new wide area broadband network will connect the participating consortium members to ESC-XV’s regional offices located in San Angelo. Conterra will monitor, manage and support the network on a 24X7X365 basis and deliver network performance and reliability levels comparable to those in optical fiber networks which are primarily located in major urban areas.

“We are very excited to enter into this agreement between ESC Region XV, Conterra, and our member districts. The services we provide our districts will be greatly impacted”, according to Scot Goen, the ESC’s Executive Director. “Distance learning, video quality, speed, and increased bandwidth in our districts will allow them to explore educational opportunities that have not been available to them in the past. We have several districts in our region implementing one-to-one laptop initiatives and the increased bandwidth through this project will allow many users to access the internet at anytime without the delays they once experienced. This is the direction technology is taking us. With the Wireless Wide Area Network project, we will be able to provide better services to our districts, and they in turn, will be better equipped to prepare their students for the 21st century”, added Mr. Goen.

The Region XV Wide Area Network services contract is one of three major E-Rate subsidized telecommunications projects recently awarded to Conterra in rural Texas. A similar Conterra high-speed broadband network to service Region XIV ESC became operational last summer and a new broadband network for Region X ESC is also currently being deployed. “Through our state-of-the-art broadband networks, Conterra will deliver high-quality, high-speed Ethernet broadband and Internet services to 125 Texas school districts at performance levels comparable to those enjoyed by schools in the state’s largest metropolitan areas,” commented Conterra’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Francis. “And, thanks to the federal E-rate program, which subsidizes a large portion of essential telecommunication services for underserved school districts, students and teachers in rural Texas will not have to wait on funding from the government’s new Stimulus Package to take advantage of new video-based educational opportunities that are available right now through the Internet,” added Mr. Francis.
About Conterra Telecom Services
Conterra Telecom Services, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is a national provider of facilities-based broadband services for schools, wireless carriers and select enterprises that require bandwidth intensive, carrier-grade data, video and voice transport services primarily in outer suburban and rural markets. Conterra and its subsidiaries currently provide these services to over 1,000 K-12 schools and colleges throughout the United States, affording broadband services to hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and administrators.
Privately owned, Conterra was established by the founders and members of management of Vanguard Cellular Systems, Inc., which became one of the first and largest independent cellular companies in the United States. Started in 1982, Vanguard designed, built and operated its own point-to-point microwave transport systems to support wireless voice and data traffic within its mostly rural cellular networks throughout the country which are now part of AT&T Mobility. For more information about Conterra, visit or call: 800- 634-1374.