Dark Fiber Solutions

Conterra’s Dark Fiber network solutions are fully customizable, allowing you full control and flexibility with virtually unlimited bandwidth.

Overview of Conterra’s Dark Fiber Solutions 

Dark Fiber networks from Conterra enable your organization to have virtually unlimited bandwidth, and maximum control and security for your networks. Conterra provides the fiber strands, and you provide and maintain your own equipment, allowing for network scalability and flexibility.

Benefits of Conterra’s Dark Fiber Solutions

Our Dark Fiber networks allows your organization the maximum flexibility to implement your own services, including determining the bandwidth, SLAs, selecting your own equipment, and managing your service. Dark Fiber networks also provide the highest level of security by dedicating fiber strands for your applications. Dark Fiber customers have access to Conterra’s deep networking experience in designing, building, and managing advanced networks to ensure you have the optimal solution.

Features of Conterra’s Dark Fiber Solutions 
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • You provide and maintain your own equipment, allowing for network scalability and flexibility
  • Dedicated strands of fiber provide unparalleled security
  • You have direct operational control of your network
  • Ability to replace equipment as technology advances, so your network is never outdated


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