VoIP Solutions

Experience the most flexible, powerful, and economical telephony service.

Overview of Conterra’s VoIP Solutions 

Whether you are an enterprise, small/medium-sized business owner, or educator, VoIP provides a solid foundation for unified communications across multiple devices.

Benefits of Conterra’s VoIP Solutions

Conterra offers cost-effective, money-saving VoIP solutions with a robust portfolio of features to accommodate complete flexibility and scalability as your business grows.

  • Lower cost of ownership compared with a premises-based PBX — eliminates high upfront costs, ongoing support, and maintenance costs
  • Cloud-based service is a highly reliable, survivable system
  • No investment in PBX equipment, which is subject to technology obsolescence
  • Easy and quick to deploy
  • Flexibility to quickly add/remove locations — ideal for temporary remote office
  • Scalable and flexible — simple to add additional users and modify service
  • Software-based service enables easy upgrades to meet your needs as you grow
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring and support
Features of Conterra’s VoIP Solutions

VoIP Solutions from Conterra empower your organization to take control of your voice communication, improve productivity, and lower costs.

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • Advanced productivity features
  • All the features you’ve come to expect such as Call Waiting, Caller ID, and Three-Way Calling
  • E911 support
  • Conference call capabilities
  • Music on hold feature allows your customers to hear important information about your business
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Why Conterra?

Benefit from the most effective solution with a customized arrangement of transport services to fit your specific needs.


Choose from fiber, microwave, and hybrid networks to address your communications needs — no matter where.


Partner with an experienced, high-capacity network provider for communications solutions that enable your organization to grow and expand.


Experience industry-leading performance with 99.995% availability in every network we design, build, and manage.